Hucklebey Berry +/
Marla Ruscitto

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Lou & Carol Ruscitto
2001 Breeders of the Year
Professional Horseman"s Award

The Ruscitto's entry into the Arabian business consisted of several broodmare acquisitions in the mid-'80s, and then a major commitment as owners of a successful show string, a training facility headed by professional Chad Judy, and a state of the art breeding operation. When they purchased Hucklebey Berry +/, one of the breed's all-time great performance horses and a respected sire, they became a major influence in the industry. Imagine everyone's excitement when Lou and Carol were named 2001 "Breeders of the Year" at the Professional Horseman's Award Banquet!

Get to know Lou and Carol Ruscitto, and you quickly figure out that just as important as their energy is their decisiveness. Each has carved out a career (in Carol's case, careers) with sheer confidence and hard work, and at this point, 'go for it' is a way of life.

To the Owners of Empress Arabians, Arabian Horses are a source of pride and pleasure for two very hard working people.

"They are the catalyst that has helped to bond our family closer together. They have helped turn ideas and even dreams into reality. They have caused sorrow, pain and hurt on occasion, but most of the time its been joy, laughter and happiness living with these wonderful Arabians. They have taught us all to appreciate the miracle of birth and the precious moments that occur throughout the various stages of all life. They have taught us that if respect goes both ways -- everyone is a winner... horse as well as rider. They have made our lives complete in so many ways. Perhaps only by owning such a magnificent and beautiful animal can one truly understand the impact it can have on ones outlook and personal life."

- Lou and Carol Ruscitto

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